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This feature-length documentary chronicles Bragg's search "...for the spirit of Woody Guthrie," as he travels to Okemah, OK, where Guthrie was born, and to New York City where he gained notoriety. From there, the film follows Bragg to Chicago to meet up with Wilco, and finally to Dublin where the albums were recorded and where the creative process sometimes caused emotions to run high between Bragg and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett. - NY Times


This is the mysterious world of the tribal cop, where DNA and dreams are accorded equal, in the hunt for a killer, where mere facts are not enough. Harold H. Brewer is a police lieutenant and a Sioux Indian from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, USA. In a little over a year, eight young indian men have been found dead. Together with criminal investigator De Glasgow, also born and bred on the reservation, he is in charge of the investigation. "Intelligent, stylish and unconventional, Wanted is a feature-length real life drama that uses both documentary and fiction techniques,