Founded in 2012 by Kim Hopkins and Margareta Szabo, Labor of Love Films is an award-winning, independent film production company specialising in feature documentary films.

Focusing on intimate, character-driven documentaries, the Labor of Love Films team have filmed in such sensitive subject areas such as healthcare in Ghana, Mozambique and Bolivia, women dissidents in Morocco, sex slaves in Moldova, brick kiln slaves in Northern India and so called honour killing in Turkey.  Kim Hopkins has  made several films about Native Americans, most notably 'Wanted' a feature length documentary focusing on the Oglala Lakota Police Force on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, USA. Kim made critically acclaimed 'Man In The Sand', a feature documentary featuring Woody Guthrie, Billy BraggWilcoNatalie Merchant and Corey Harris. 'Hotel Folly:Folie á Deux, a feature length documentary that premiered at IDFA and was broadcast on BBC Storyville. 'Voices of the Sea'(Voces del Mar) broadcast PBS/POV, Arte, BBC World Storyville.

Currently in production on A Bunch of Amateurs, feature documentary slated for 2021/22, supported by BFI/DocSoc/Catapult FF, Good Gravy Films.

Labor of Love Films are developing several feature documentaries for 2021/22.

Film Production Credits Include:

•   A Bunch of Amateurs (Post-Prod) slated 2021/22

    BFI/DocSoc, Catapult FF, Good Gravy Films

•  Voices of the Sea '(Voces del Mar) (98')

    (PBS/POV 2018, ARTE 2019,

     BBC WORLD 'The Why' Storyville, 2020)

•  Hotel Folly: Folie á Deux (83'/101') 

   (BBC Storyville) 2013

•  Modern Slavery (3x60' series) director/camera

    (NRK1) 2009

•  Nurses On The Frontline (5 x 30' series)

   producer/director (BBC World) 2007

•  The Garage (l12 x 60' series ll) producer/director

    (Discovery) 2006/7

•  The Garage ( 7 x 60' series l) - producer/director

   (Discovery) 2006

•  The Great Health Scandal (30') producer/director

    (BBC World/Al Jazeera) 2005

•  Alex Zanardi (Profile) (28') - director (BBC2/4) 2004

•  Wanted (100') – director (WDR/A&E) 2002

•  Man In The Sand (90') – director (BBC 2) 1999

•  My Little Piranha Fish (26') – producer/director

   (Short Stories C4) 1997

•  This Land is My Land (26') – director (C4) 1993

•  The spirit Journey (7') – producer/director (C4) 1993