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Margareta Szabo - Biography



Margareta is a producer and actress of Hungarian-Greek origins. After graduating out of the University of Theatre and Film Arts (Budapest), Margareta went on to study English literature to Pazmany Peter Catholic University. Having worked on the other side of the lens, and having read lots of proposals, plays and scripts has given Margareta a great insight and understanding as to the process of filmmaking, and what makes a compelling story and interesting character. In 2012 Margareta co-founded Labor of Love Films Ltd. Her first foray into production was HOTEL FOLLY - FOLIE A DEUX, a feature documentary for BBC Storyville. HOTEL FOLLY told the human cost of the banking crisis. HOTEL FOLLY premiered at IDFA.

Margareta is currently producing VOICES OF THE SEA, a feature documentary about a Cuban fishing family with generous support from ITVS. Margareta is a Berlinale Talents 2016 alumna, and a Future Producer School 2016 alumna, a mentoring scheme for emerging U.K. producers.

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