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Kim Hopkins - Biography


Award Winning Producer/Director

Kim is from Yorkshire, England. Born to an American father and an English mother, Kim has spent most of her life in the UK.


A graduate of the National Film & TV School, Kim has been making award-winning documentaries for nearly 15 years. She has TV directing/shooting credits for - BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic, Al Jazeera amongst others. Films range from social issues - violence against women around the world, modern slavery, healthcare in the developing world, biographical prortrates etc.


Feature documentaries include: ‘Man In The Sand’ a music documentary, featuring Woody Guthrie, Natalie Merchant, Wilco, Billy Bragg, Corey Harris etc. ‘Wanted’ a film about Native American reservation cops.  'Hotel Folly: Folie a Deux' tells the story about the human cost of the banking crisis.


Kim also teaches documentary film production, having been instrumental in setting up the documentary department at Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television de San Antonio, Cuba.


Kim works as a freelance documentary filmmaker. She is a director of Labor Of Love Films, a UK based production company.





Scenic (1997)


Man in the Sand (1999)


Wanted (2002)


Folie á Deux – madness made of two (2012)

What it means to - Kim Hopkins

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