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Labor Of Love Films is a UK based independent film production company specialising in feature documentaries. Labor of Love Films was set up by Kim Hopkins & Margareta Szabo in order to make entertaining, thought provoking films that challenge audiences. Labor of Love Films is all about great stories told with passion and style. We’ve built a reputation for bringing visual flair and gripping storytelling to everything we do. We want every single film to stand out from the crowd.

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A documentary, a drama, a story of myth and murder. Wanted is a weird, wilderness, western, set in the Dakota Badlands, where the last herd of buffalo cross the paths of beat-up pick up trucks smuggling bootleg whiskey onto the rez'. This is the mysterious world of the tribal cop, where DNA and dreams are accorded equal value in the hunt for a killer, where mere facts are not enough. This is the story of their loves, lives, work and the mysterious case of the Rapid Creek deaths.


The facts are clear - in a little over 18 months, 8 corpses have been dragged out of a creek. Suspecting race hate as a motive, the Sioux Indians are living in fear.


Intelligent, stylish and unconventional, Wanted is a feature length real life drama that uses both documentary and fiction techniques, as well as the latest digital film technology to combine film and digital video.


As the Sam Peckinpah quote at the beginning of the film alludes to, the clinical facts contained in purist documentary often fall short of the moral truth of a situation. It seems that nowhere is this truer than on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where Wanted was shot.



The story of how Nora Guthrie and British songwriter and political activist Billy Bragg, together with alternative country band, Wilco brought Woody Guthrie's words to life and created the Grammy-nominated albums Mermaid Avenue and Mermaid Avenue, Vol. 2.


The life and music of legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie (writer of "This Land Is Your Land" and author of Bound for Glory) has influenced every generation that followed him. Thirty years after his death, his daughter Nora Guthrie sought out Billy Bragg to write songs and record Woody's unpublished lyrics. Shot over a period of two years, Man in the Sand follows Billy on a journey that takes him to Okemah, Oklahoma, Woody's birthplace, to Pampa, Texas, where Woody started playing music professionally and New York City where Woody wrote many of his lyrics. Man in the Sand takes you to Billys home in London where Mermaid Avenue begins to take shape. He meets up with Wilco in their hometown of Chicago, travels to record two tracks with Natalie Merchant in Boston and finally on to a Dublin studio where Mermaid Avenue comes together. Man in the Sand reveals the often emotional collaborative process between Billy, Jeff Tweedy and the members of Wilco. Narrated by Nora Guthrie, this 90-minute feature film offers insight into a unique recording project that breathes life into Woody Guthrie's 50-year-old words.

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This feature-length documentary chronicles Bragg's search "...for the spirit of Woody Guthrie," as he travels to Okemah, OK, where Guthrie was born, and to New York City where he gained notoriety. From there, the film follows Bragg to Chicago to meet up with Wilco, and finally to Dublin where the albums were recorded and where the creative process sometimes caused emotions to run high between Bragg and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett. - NY Times



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